Rank Math SEO for WordPress: 12+1 Features to Know



A short while ago we found out what the following were. the best free SEO plugins for WordPress. Remember.

Among them, Rank Math SEO has taken over becoming a real lifeline to manage the various aspects of thesearch engine optimization.

You can in fact imagine it as all the tools that allow your ship to sail through the middle of the Google Kingdom and be visible to adventurers: ropes, oars, sails, rudder, and more.

Feel like setting out to discover the functions of this tool? Hurry up because we’re about to set sail without you!

Free Price and Easy Setup

Downloadable directly from the WordPress plugins directory, the installation process takes very little time to complete and is facilitated by an automatic configuration procedure that allows you to import settings from other pre-installed plugins or those already running on another site with Rank Math.

Plus it’s completely free and has a wide range of features that other tools don’t offer or do for a fee.

Yes, you got it right: you won’t have to spend a single doubloon to download and use this plugin. Is that why everyone is talking about it?

Fully optimized content

The tools Rank Math offers for content analysis make it one of the most useful and innovative plugins for your ranking. Rank Math calculates the overall SEO score of your pages and posts and lets you know what you can and could do to improve your content and rank better.

Among the many options, Rank Math SEO allows you to:

  • optimize title, URL and meta description;
  • enter up to 5 Focus Keyword variations for which you wish to rank;
  • figure out if your chosen keyword is in the title, URL and meta description, and also if it’s in the content, in the alt text of the images;
  • find out the readability of the title and the content itself;
  • know if you have added internal links and external links to your content;
  • understand what other internal posts on your site you can use to link to the current post, thanks to the Internal Linking Suggestions feature;
  • find out if you haven’t used the keyword before in other posts.

SEO Optimized Images

Not only articles, but also images should be optimized for SEO! A short time ago we discovered the ALT attributes (alternate text of an image) that provide crawlers (search engine bots) with the information they need to understand what the image represents.

Rank Math allows you to enable the option Add missing ALT attributes which will add attributes to all images that do not have alternate text set. Similarly, you can enable the Add missing title attributes which will automatically add attributes to all uploaded images without a title.

Integrated Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets help search engines and users learn more about your content and therefore allow you to provide more information than adventurers’ queries.

With Rank Math you can enable Schema (Structured Data) and choose from 14 Rich Snippet types to optimize your posts in no time, such as: Article, Book, Event, Product, Recipe and more.


The breadcrumbs are used to make clear the structure of the site, by reproducing its structure they make the user understand where he is: that’s why they are called breadcrumbs!

On Rank Math you can enable the Breadcrumbs feature in the General Settings. You will also have the ability to customize additional options, such as choosing the separator character, whether or not to display breadcrumbs from the homepage, and much more.

Webmaster Tools

Also within the General Settings you can select the option Webmaster Tools Which allows you to check your website with various third party tools such as: Google Search Console, Alexa, Pinterest and much more.

Edit robots.txt file

Further down you will find the option that allows you to edit the robots.txt file, a simple text file that you place in a root folder of your website to help search engines figure out which parts of your website you want crawled and indexed.

This document is read by the crawler to better organize the scanning of content by establishing guidelines to follow: in short, just like a real Captain does!

Edit the .htaccess file

With the .htaccess file you can create rules needed to control permalinks and set up automatic redirects. Rank Math allows you to edit this code directly from the settings panel.

Be careful though, because to edit this file you won’t just need a pen and inkwell, you’ll need to know the rules to write it in order not to cause damage to your website.

Edit your Sitemap

The XML sitemap is a map that tells search engine bots which route to follow and where to land.

Then you too enable Rank Math’s sitemap feature to help search engines intelligently scan your website content. You can also organize the general sitemap functionality and configure it for all posts and pages.

Optimize your products

If you have WooCommerce installed to sell your loot, Rank Math gives you the ability to optimize your URLs and product pages, making your products stand out within the SERP.

Optimize your site for local searches

Remember my advice on how to do local SEO? Let me refresh your memory a bit: local SEO is about optimizing local businesses on search engines with the goal of giving them more visibility.

Optimize your site for local searches through the Local SEO option found on Rank Math.

Monitor 404 pages

Finally, help yourself with Rank Math to monitor and record the URLs on which visitors and search engines experience 404 errors.

You can also enable the Redirects option to redirect the URLs causing the error to other working URLs.

Analyze the SEO of the site

The SEO Audit is the activity of analysis and verification (scanning, reviewing and evaluating performance) to highlight any errors, problems, the relationship with competitors and, therefore, all the technical aspects that affect the performance of the website and its ranking on search engines.

Help yourself with Rank Math’s SEO Analysis tool that, just like content analysis, uses over 70 different tests to analyze your site’s SEO and show you what you can improve and how to do it!

Well yes, these are just some of the features of the Rank Math SEO plugin, a tool to be discovered. In fact, it features additional options such as: optimizing posts for Social Media, controlling the access allowed to site users, the ability to export all important metadata and content to another website, and much more!

Try it out in your ship too and let me know what you think.

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