How to use LinkedIn for business


You finally discovered How to create a LinkedIn profile for businesses., but your journey is just beginning.

You finally understood the importance of this Kingdom enabling adventurer relationships in business.

In short, it’s like a portal where the bravest Captains can look for an opportunity but also compare with each other, presenting to users adventures and services they are involved in.

However, within LinkedIn many companies navigate aimlessly or get lost in the Bermuda Triangle. That’s why it’s time to clarify and understand how to use LinkedIn for business!

Are you ready to set sail? Start lowering the sails and keep the rudder steady.

Create an engaging company profile

This may sound strange, but some companies use personal account profiles instead of creating a business page, an error also present in the management of Facebook or Instagram pages.

So before you set sail make sure you have created a company profile, with all the information you need to get found and known.

Now all you have to do is make it engaging, to do that you can follow some tips centered around the goal of conveying authenticity.

  • Tell your story – Tells the birth of your company, its goal and purpose, so users will remember it for a long time.
  • Tell the story of your products or services – Commit to conveying the value of the product/service you are selling, emphasizing the benefit the customer will get from that product.
  • Focus on testimonials – from customers or articles about your company to make it known to this Kingdom.
  • Provide an Employee List – to make known the skilled pirates under your command and demonstrate a solid corporate structure.

Customize URL and cover image

Even the eye needs its part (and I’m not referring to the blindfolded one!) so pay attention not only to the profile picture, but also to theURL and thecover image. Sometimes you just need to spend a really short amount of time to get your profile looking good!

You can decide to refine theURL of the page you manage to make it easier to share your profile, without it sinking among thousands of profiles that contain mere numbers. It can be useful to imagine it personalized for printing on a business card or any other paper support.

To simplify it you will need to go into the profile settings and click on Edit Profile URL.

As for the cover image, unlike on Facebook, many on LinkedIn do not take advantage of this additional space and often leave it blank.

You can choose to create acover image that is the same for all employees, in this way the concept of belonging to a community and being an ambassador of the work will be reinforced. The goal is to make it clear at first glance who you are, what you do and what your style is.

The dimension of LinkedIn cover is by 1584 x 396 pixels, so be careful when creating.

Keep your page updated

Remember that it won’t be enough for you to simply fill out your page with all the information you need, because you’ll also need to update it over time so that it doesn’t look neglected.

You can also decide to publish promotional posts, posts relevant to your industry, and re-share content written by other pirates like you. Before you grab your feather and inkwell though, you’ll need to make a editorial plan tailor-made, don’t forget!

Keep posting all the posts consistently and always watch out for mistakes.

If you also don’t have a blog where you can write authoritative and useful articles related to your industry, you can use the so-called Pulse.

The final effect is that of a real article: use a cover image, insert the title, H2 and quotes. Moreover, you can insert links on certain keywords, insert images and Youtube videos, making it very similar to a real blog post.

You should know that they are also useful for the SEO as it is possible with a pulse SEO oriented within Google’s SERP, or search engine results page.

Proper use of hashtags

Let’s not forget about the proper use of hashtags because the ones that are all the rage elsewhere, are not always appropriate on this Kingdom.

First of all, even if accompanying an image or video, they should not never replace a well-written text.

On the contrary, if placed in a context of serious and concrete communication they prove to be very useful because they allow us to get in touch with new people outside our network.

I suggest you analyze the use of hashtags by competitors and stick to a limited number.

Highlight some content

Once you’ve finished checking in and started publishing some posts, you may decide to highlight something really significant in your company’s career.

In fact, LinkedIn gives you the ability to. highlight content that you think is important. The content will always be shown first just as it is with the fixed at the top available for Facebook pages.

You can choose to highlight LinkedIn posts, created or re-shared, LinkedIn articles, or media files such as presentations, documents, images, or videos.

Doing so is very simple: choose the content you want to highlight, click on the three dots in the top right corner of the post and press on Highlight at the top of your profile.

There would be so much advice I still want to give you, but trying to make a neat, professional profile is definitely the most important.

Follow my advice and sail the seas of the LinkedIn Kingdom. Until the next adventure Captain!

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