How to optimize your E-commerce site for Black Friday



November 27, 2021, Black Friday will take place. On this day, merchants make discounts and offer available to customers, especially online promotions. For this reason, we offer a mini-guide to optimize e-commerce in view of Black Friday.

After Black Friday we continue with the Cyber Monday (the following Monday), so the trend now is to do a sort of Black Week. A lot more online shopping is expected this year given the difficulty of shopping in stores which is also why many online shops have already anticipated the discounts.

We’ve already talked about the advantages of having an e-commerce, through the computer or smartphone you can make purchases at any time and in any part of the world and traders can reach a wider catchment area.

However, it is not enough to have an e-commerce to be ready for Black Friday. So what does your e-commerce need to have in order to be optimized for the many purchases that will be there during Black Friday?

How to optimize e-commerce for Black Friday

Let’s start with the basics, how e-commerce should be structured, and then get to the promotion for Black Friday.

Step 1: The structure

Before you start with the marketing strategy, you need to make sure that there are no problems at the base.

To figure out if your e-commerce is well done ask yourself:

  1. Is it performing well? How quickly does a page load? Customers need to find what they are looking for in the shortest time possible. Make sure you have dedicated hosting, WordPress, up-to-date themes and plugins. There should be no impediment to the spikes in visits that will occur during Black Friday.
  2. Is it secure? SSL certificate is required as customers enter their sensitive data and payment details. The company’s contact details, Privacy Policy, TOS and payment methods must be clearly visible. It is essential to winning the trust of the customer, only in this way you can increase sales.
  3. Is it easy to use? Customers need to understand on the fly where to find what they are looking for. The menu should be concise and available on all pages, the search lens is also essential. It is important to highlight offers and discounts. The buying process needs to be intuitive, as well as discount coupon entry.
  4. Have the graphics been adjusted? It is necessary to highlight the top offers and products. For this, it may be necessary to change the graphics, especially that of the Homepage.

Phase 2: SEO and Social

Having verified step 1, we can move on to the SEO and Social part.

To publicize your discounts and products is important to be well-positioned in the SERP of Google. This way you can capture the attention of more users. This is achieved by including the right keywords in your products and maybe even curating a blog.

A blog is one of the most used tools to get known. With a blog, you can create a space to interact with your potential customers and discuss your products.

Another way to draw attention to your products is. advertise them on social networks or other blogs. This strategy serves both to attract the attention of new customers and to keep the interest of regular ones alive.

As far as society is concerned, it is essential to have the Facebook Pixel so you can link products on e-commerce to Facebook and Instagram. Now, in fact, you can click on an Instagram photo and display a label with the name and price of the product and then be redirected directly to the site to purchase.

Phase 3: Marketing and Communication

Optimized E-commerce, defined SEO strategy and interesting Social content. We can move on to Marketing and Communication campaigns.

The important thing is. to plan ahead, whether it’s social, Adwords, or advertising on other blogs. This will give you enough time to announce that there will be Black Friday deals on your e-commerce.

Promotion management also needs to be defined in advance. How much will the discount be? How long will the offer last? Will it be possible for all users to take advantage of it and will it apply to all products?

To keep your customers informed about discounts, promotions, product campaigns and initiatives, the Newsletter is a valuable promotional tool.

Also remember, if it’s not your first Black Friday, you can study data from past years, via tools like Hotjar or Google Analytics, to figure out what to improve. Also listen to valuable feedback from your customers.

Now all you have to do is check the availability of your products in stock and wait for the first orders to arrive.

Do you want to optimize your e-commerce?


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