How to create a LinkedIn page for businesses



We have created a Facebook company page and even one on Instagram so we just have to land in the Kingdom of LinkedIn, don’t you think?

LinkedIn is in fact a professional platform with the purpose of enabling relationships between adventurers in business.

It comes in a free version or, only for those who want, in a paid subscription to get a series of additional services such as LinkedIn Recruiter, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Premium Career.

Today we see together How to create a LinkedIn profile for businesses and why it’s critical.

Get everything you need, we’ll be setting sail shortly!

If, finally, you need a crew to better manage your company profile on LinkedIn, trust us at buzzynerd. We’ll help you improve your ship’s visibility in the Kingdom of Linkedin.


Why create a LinkedIn profile for companies

Within this Kingdom many companies do not have a LinkedIn page while others use personal account profiles instead of creating a company page, inserting a logo instead of the profile photo and the company name instead of the first and last name, errors also present in the management of Facebook or Instagram pages.

Avoiding to include Linkedin in your digital strategy is like forgetting a fundamental piece of your ship: anchor, rudder, ropes, sails and much more!

For B2B companies in particular, having a LinkedIn page is essential because buyers, the purchasing managers of B2B companies, are on LinkedIn and they look for other companies to source from.

In fact, while on Facebook you will address directly the final customer, on LinkedIn you can address those who can buy your product as a raw material, those who are interested in reselling it and much more.

In short, it’s like a portal where the bravest captains can look for an opportunity but also compare themselves with each other, presenting to users adventures and services they are dealing with.

I’ll give you an example, if your company makes sails for ships:

  • on Linkedin you’ll be targeting mainly shipwrights, shipbuilders;
  • on Facebook you will address the private individual who will go to a dealer to buy your sails directly.

If, finally, you’re still not convinced of its importance and difference from other Social I have for you two good reasons to create a company LinkedIn profile.

  • Lead Generation – As we have already mentioned, it is a great place to reach out to potential customers;
  • Recruiting – allows you to attract top talent, who will want to learn about the company and its ideals from the company profile.

How to create a company page on LinkedIn

Roll up your sleeves because we’re about to create a company page on LinkedIn. Hurry up, follow my advice and you won’t be lost in its creation.

Personal Profile

First of all, to create a business profile it is important to have created a personal profile. If you already have one head straight for your next destination, otherwise keep reading below.

You can create your profile from your computer or directly from the app.

If you wish to sign up from computer, connected to this page click on Sign up now and fill out the form that is offered.

Continue to fill out the forms that are presented to you, click first on Continue and then on Save.

If, on the other hand, you want to create your LinkedIn profile from mobile, launch the official app of LinkedIn and click on the Sign up now. Fill in the text fields with the required data and click on the button Accept and subscribe.

As you may have seen, creating a personal page is super easy!

Company Profile

Now that you’ve created your personal profile, click on the icon at the top right of your LinkedIn home page. See those 9 little squares that form a larger square? Right, that’s the one. In the menu click on the option Create a business page.

Choose the type of page you want to create: small business, medium and large business, showcase page or educational institution.

Enter the name of your company and choose a URL UNIQUE, meaning it cannot be the same as another company already on LinkedIn. It must also contain at least one non-numeric character, without including more than one consecutive hyphen or even a hyphen at the beginning or end.

Add a description of the company, the URL of the company’s website and all other information that you think may be useful to allow users to understand what you do, what is your industry, where your company is located and much more. Some in fact are mandatory as Sector, Company Size and Company Type.

When you get this far, check the box to confirm that you have theauthorization to create the company page. Finally, click on the button Create Page.

Before we say goodbye, I’d like to give you a few tips so you don’t become easy prey for sharks right away.

Some tips for a business Linkedin profile

First, let me remind you that every channel is different and has a different audience. In some cases it is advisable to be present in more than one channel, while in others it will be advisable to choose which one is more useful.

Think about going around the world, which ship would you prefer to use: a frigate or a galleon?

Therefore, you can use Linkedin to talk about materials, supply chain, environmental sustainability, product certifications, or everything that interests the consumer in the production process as a further lever to purchase, while on Instagram you will focus on the aesthetic side, design and much more.

However, the page does not serve to disseminate only content related to your product but can be designed to attract new potential customers also through content of interest related to your business.

Before writing any content, however, I recommend that you make a editorial plan, choose a tone of voice and find a typology of content you’re going to want to deal with.

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