Here’s why to choose custom graphics for websites


Several times we have been asked why we don’t use pre-made templates. In the following we explain in detail all the advantages of creating the custom graphics for websites.

The most common objections are that it costs less and is done faster. Those who have worked with us before know that experience allows us to be very fast in the realization of the graphics of a site and consequently to be able to offer to the customer contained costs.

Below we explain more about what we mean by graphics because we always create them custom based on the project.

What we mean by graphics

By graphics we mean the whole structure of the site, what is usually called the template o theme.

The template includes the structures of each pagethe colors, the fonts, the call to action and the spaces to insert photos and texts. The template makes sure that the site has a consistent graphical base in all sections so that only the contents vary.

There are both free and paid ones already developed, but below we list all the reasons why we don’t like to use them.

Why we prefer to create custom graphics for websites

1. They are optimized

Pre-made templates are created to be used by many people and for many types of sites. They are, therefore, structured to provide infinite combinations of elements within a page.

This is why it is very likely to be called much unnecessary code. This penalizes the internal site in terms of performance and consequently indexing.

Can you take a pre-made template and optimize it? Ni. Optimize it by following Google Lighthouse directions for accessibility, SEO e speed becomes a very time consuming task. It’s definitely easier to start from scratch and be clear about the whole project, i.e. also how the content should be presented from an SEO perspective.

2. They are unique

Did you buy a template? Did you know that your direct competitor bought it too?

It seems difficult, but it has already happened to us to see twin sites of people operating in the exact same sector and area. As mentioned above, ready-made templates are created to be used by many people. This kind of loses credibility in the eyes of your customers and creates confusion.

Since the services you offer are unique, why shouldn’t your online image be?

3. They are essential and easily customizable

Have you ever wanted to insert a section with just text and a button, but you needed a photo as well, otherwise the template wouldn’t layout properly?

Designing the graphics starting from the paper draft, we can insert only the essential graphics and sections. Moreover, before starting with the writing of the code we can customize the graphics in every aspect.

4. They are easier to use

By doing all customized we are also able to provide you with an easy to use and customized tool even for the administrative part.

When we create the template we also create its plugin where there are all the functions that make up the administrative interface to insert content.

You won’t have to jump from one part to another to enter content. We want the concentration both on the content creation And don’t drive yourself crazy trying to figure out how to put a picture in a slider.

5. They are safe and require less maintenance

It can happen that pre-made themes are maintained for a few versions and then not updated anymore. For example, it can happen that they are not updated to the latest version of PHP. This creates problems both in terms of security and compatibility with WordPress, plugins and the server on which they are hosted.

In addition, the code of the themes is public so the bots know what may be the vulnerabilities to exploit when trying to hack the site.

The templates we create are updated at the same time as WordPress, the plugins and the server. This is to ensure that there are no security holes or incompatibilities.

6. It’s funny

We have fun creating graphics with you, is not only to write lines and lines of code, but to realize a product entirely made by us that helps you in the communication that gives us a lot of satisfaction.

Want to create your own custom graphics with us?


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