Google Ads, what it is and how it works



Did you think the lands of Google were over? Well today your knowledge of the digital sea will extend all the way to the land of Ads. If your goal is to hoist your ship’s flag in the digital sea you surely can’t do without Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

That of Google Ads is a deck activity managed by the hub: it is not visible to everyone, but very useful for the good performance of the ship. So let’s go on the assault of this land!

What is Google Ads

This Google tool is part of the package of services that the kingdom makes available to all sailors of the digital sea. This the particular way is the most used for the sponsorship of a product or servicecorporate or private.

Advertising appears within the SERP or within sites belonging to the Google network. If you have already made the journey to SEO with me you will have understood that we are talking about the list of search results.

Well these show up in various ways “disguising” themselves in different forms among searches. But before we get to the facts it’s important to understand a distinct difference.

Difference between SEO, SEM and SEA

When we talk about SEA we talk about SEM, but if we talk about SEM we talk about SEO and SEA. Do you understand? Let me explain.

La SEO – Search Engine Optimization – is the optimization of web pages for search engines for good ranking among organic results.

La SEA – Search Engine Advertising – is the advertising present on search engines, made precisely through Google Ads (formerly AdWords).

La SEM – Search Engine Marketing – encapsulates them both, representing all marketing strategies aimed at hoisting the flag of the ships of the kingdom of Google. The first solution is totally free, the second one requires an investment of money for visibility.

Depending on your goals then you can get on the first page by relying on SEO strategies or SEA through the implementation of Google Ads campaigns. If your income comes through advertising or affiliate links it would not make sense to spend the budget to earn more budget from inbound traffic. Understand? With SEO optimization instead you would have a more profitable and medium to long term return.

How it works

Would you like to promote your products or services by reaching new potential customers? With advertising on Google you can have visibility among all surfers finding new customers in a short time.

Let’s try to do a search on Google and I’ll show you what the ads look like. Typing Rum on the search bar, the SERP could look like this.

The top one is marked as Announcement, this is an ad run by Google Ads that takes you back to the page of interest with respect to the search for our beloved rum.

The location inserted below the ad is due to the connection of the site with Google My Business, which allows with the local SEO To locate activities of interest in the vicinity of the user. The Call Out present below are instead two shortcuts for purchase and contact, like these you can insert other actions for the browser to perform.

Below you can see a normal organic search result present in the top places for its content optimization.

On the other hand, on the side we have Google Shopping ads, the second of the three ad modes with Google Ads. Let’s take them on one by one.

Google Search

As in the first result of our search Google Search allows you to bring up the ads within the SERP as a result of our query. This is not a curse, our search is not commanded by any enchantment, but it is an advertising marketing operation.

Google Search in fact allows you to pay to have your ad for a particular query SEARCHED. In order for the results are consistent with the search phrase is good to select the most suitable keywords to win the top positions.

So if you were also selling rum, avoid including words like beer or water in your search keys, but opt for white rum, dark rum based on the products you offer.

Another factor to consider in order to appear among the first results is the the price you are willing to pay per click: Google Search works like an auction, so the highest bidder appears first.

That’s why it’s good to make a careful research of the keys to ensure the best position with the best cost and without wasting your coins on keywords that don’t bring results. Rely on my crew and we will be able to point you in the right direction for your ads.

See the package

Google Shopping

Google Shopping instead is designed for those who want to sell their loot directly, without having a site as a conduit. In this case you offer a digital storefront to advertisers, as if it were a rented ship to navigate the digital sea.

Captains simply must notify Google all information requests regarding the products you want to sell online and indicate the sum that they are willing to pay for a click on their ad. Google itself will then decide which ads to display.

Google Shopping is an important tool for any online business and could come in handy even for those who have a site. Like Search, Google Shopping requires constant optimization of the keys provided in order to appear in the most relevant ones and generate more revenue.

Display Advertising

With Display Advertising captains can have their ads appear on websites that are part of Google’s networks, exploiting the visibility of another ship to hoist their flag and reach sailors previously unseen.

Have you ever looked at a product on one site and then found advertising for them on other sites? It’s not magic this time either, it’s Google allowing captains to specify the characteristics of the audience they want to reach and the ad to sponsor.

These kinds of ads are not used to bring sailors to your ship, but they are great for advertising your brand and stay visible online.

The use of this marketing strategy is very easy to use but requires careful keyword analysis. That’s why many captains have hired my crew to hoist their flag high.


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