8 ideas for Instagram Stories



You’ve made your corporate Instagram pagecreated a editorial plan and found ideas for posts. Everything seems to be going swimmingly.

However, today I’d like to remind you that there are more than just posts, but Stories, IGTV, Reels and Guides can also be used to generate more engagement.

Imagine them as tools that allow your ship to reach the desired destination: ropes, rudder, sails, oars, compasses. Why not use them all to conquer the seas?

In the same way, in addition to posts you can also use Stories, giving particular importance to the creative aspect.

In this page of my logbook I have decided to share with you some ideas for Instagram Stories To impress and retain followers. Are you ready?

Instagram stories: what you need to know

Before we start with the tips, I’d like to remind you Instagram Stories have now become an essential part of the platform. From Stories to Sponsored Stories, all the way up to the Featured Stories or Story Highlights, which allow you to keep your Stories alive.

Therefore, before creating one, consider carefully what its future will be: do you want it to last forever among the highlights or do you want it to sink into the abyss after 24 hours?

This way you can decide how to fully express your identity by grouping shared stories together and highlighting them.

Let’s finally take a look at how to use them!

Create a background for when you share a post

A good idea is to share a post from your grid in your Stories, so you can inform followers that you’ve published something new.

For this reason, you could prepare a particular background for when the post is shared, maybe different for each column.

Remember to add some interesting captions too, maybe with a poll or question box.

Use different wording

To make your Instagram Stories stand out, add touches of color to your caption text by creating multicolored or refined lettering.

For rainbow lettering, simply type in the text and select all the letters. Hold down the cursor and the color selection tool at the same time, then scroll over the caption starting from the right.

As you do, you’ll see each letter take on a different shade of color. Believe me, it’s not magic!

Similarly, there are many ways write with different fonts on Instagram. Choose some of the sites I recommended, type and copy the new caption and finally paste it on the Story.

You can also use some writings inside the stickers or you can decide to show your personality by writing the caption partly by hand and partly with matching typefaces.

To write a word by hand use the drawing tool in the top right corner.

Use text as background

Speaking of background and text, you can decide to use the message you want to communicate as the background.

To do so, simply type the phrase, select all the text and copy it several times until it fills the screen.

Creating lists to fill in

To interact with users and get the word out about your page you can make backgrounds with questions they can answer through their Stories, perhaps with stickers or text. Ask them to take the screen, answer and tag you when they have published their Stories.

Make lists through the Templates tool, available when you click Create, or through simple apps.

Making a carousel

You can also decide to make a carousel with your Stories, i.e. showing several images in sequence linked together.

Generally, they make it easy to showcase multiple products and tell a more nuanced story using more images or videos.

Creating a collage

Another idea is to give the Instagram Story the appearance of a collage. To do this you can use an app or share multiple images at once (feature only available for the Iphone).

To do this, go to your album and click to copy the image you want to use. Create a story and paste the image inside. Continue by including as many images as you wish.

As for Android users, you can use the keyboard to do this. Gboard or a simple Instagram photo apps.

Another solution may be to use the Layout tool, available when selecting a Story.

Use the eraser tool

Add a little mystery or reveal a surprise to your followers with the eraser tool and showing only the most important part of your Instagram story.

Start with the photo you wish to show only part of. Now use the drawing tool to select a color and hold on the screen until the photo is covered with that color.

Switch to the eraser tool and erase only the part of the photo you want to show. Simple isn’t it?

Decorating with lines

To bring attention to the main subject of the Story, use simple lines or dotted lines.

To make simple but elegant lines, just press on the writing tool, write a point and press space several times. Then select the text shadow effect. Move and modify the line as you wish, hiding the point.

To create dashed lines, however, you can use the drawing tool and the eraser. Draw the outline of the subject or object you want to highlight. Then use the eraser tool to remove a few strokes of this line so that it becomes a dotted line.

Now that you know a few possibilities, you can continue to experiment by bringing your own style to your Stories.

The time has come to share your adventures through Instagram Stories!


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