Things are always in flux in the SEO world. In June, Google will update its algorithm by introducing Core Web Vitals. We’ve talked about this new ranking factor before, and we’ll talk about it again, but in the meantime, keep these evergreen SEO tips in mind and you won’t go wrong.

Our 5 timeless SEO tips

SEO tip 1: Never use black hat SEO tactics

Black hat SEO refers to that set of practices used to increase a site’s ranking through means that violate Google’s terms of service. and other search engines.
The expression black hat SEO refers to the symbolism used in American cinema in the 1920s and 1940s, where the black hat was the symbol of the bad guys.

I have often had to assist on sites where black hat SEO tactics had been applied. This is often done because you want to get results quickly. These techniques work in the short term, but Google continuously scans the sites with its crawlers and detects malicious tactics and penalizes your site.. The only way to get back to being visible in SERPs is to change the domain.

Doing SEO is a process that takes time and effort, but it definitely pays off. Offer your visitors High quality content, a great user experience, a secure and technically superior website. This way, if your content is shared, you will get inbound links that will be far more valuable than any other manipulative tactic.

SEO tip 2: Optimize your site’s speed.

For SEO, the faster the better. People who visit your site expect to receive the content you offer quickly. This advice has been true forever and has become a staple of the new Core Web Vitals algorithm.

Our tactics for providing you with a fast site are:

  1. creating custom graphics;
  2. code compression;
  3. install only the strictly necessary plugins;
  4. mobile optimization;
  5. activation of a caching system;
  6. WordPress-optimized server;
  7. teach you how to put content on the site in the optimal way, such as web-optimized images. Images are used to complete a content. Name the file so that it has a name that describes its contents, in the alt field enter the keyword most important keyword.

SEO tip 3: Pay special attention to structure

The structure of the site is the starting point for working well on SEO. A well-structured site is both well scannable by search engines, which easily viewed by your visitors.

So it’s always a good idea to make it easy for search engines to crawl your site by providing them with sitemap.xml and robots.txt files.

As far as your visitors are concerned, you have to help them find what they are looking for. This aspect also concerns theusability (page experience), another factor that is always part of the Core Web Vitals.

Both the internal connection that the external link play a fundamental role, because they give credibility to your website. Cite sources and link to other pages or articles. For example, if you have an e-commerce at the end of each article you can cite the products related to the topics covered. Or if you have a blog you can cite the sources from which you got the information. Then make sure that your most important articles also have other articles that point to them. For example, you can include in an article other links that lead to other articles already published.

SEO Tip 4: Produce only excellent and always up-to-date content

Another timeless SEO tip: Don’t compromise on the quality of your content. Create high quality content; constantly review and improve it. You must prove yourself authoritative and stand out from the crowd.

This means a big investment of time and effort; research on your topic, your audience and what they are looking for. Think about who your audience is and what you want to say to them. What is thetarget of your text e what topics you want to cover. Plan your editorial plan and be consistent in publishing content. Possibly on the same days and at the same times so that you can retain your audience, giving them a regular appointment. Also if there are updates on the topics you’ve covered, update your articles so your content stays fresh and relevant.

SEO tip 5: Focus on your audience

Sure, you want Google to like you, but your visitors are more important. What is your purpose? To attract visitors to sell your products or followers for your blog? You’ll only be rewarded if you focus on what your audience wants and provide them with what they need. Basically you have to understand thesearch intent of your audience.

Based on the search intent you then have to figure out what the keywords are that your content might be wanted for. After that you “just” have to start producing it. Write clearly, don’t make it harder to read than it should be. Be concise, avoid unnecessary repetition, and write something enjoyable to read.


These are some SEO tips To encourage you to write your own content and keep your site fresh. In the end, all of these SEO tips are all telling us the same thing. Google may tweak its algorithm, but it always wants to provide its visitors with what they’re looking for: quality content that’s up-to-date and published on a fast, secure website.

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